Welcome to The Magical Blend Wholesale Pagan Supplies!

The Magical Blend is an online store specializing in esoteric supplies for various religions and creeds. The store has always served the Montreal pagan community in particular, but it has undergone many transformations since its opening in 1991; currently, it is an online-only store which features weekly podcasts and newsletters, as well as a blog and other social media. Over the years, we have grown to supply esoteric shops worldwide with our handmade products.

We pride ourselves on clear and friendly customer service, an easy-to-navigate online catalogue, and top-quality products. Our mission is to support you in your spiritual journey, and to facilitate your retail experience. From the first day we opened, our goal has been to aid those who follow alternative spiritual paths to experience living life to the fullest, a state where mankind honors all parts of life and the self; to facilitate the integration of practical spirituality into the lives of our clients; and to aid those clients in achieving harmony and balance.

We have tried to put together an interesting and comprehensive collection of magickal supplies for our wholesale customers, but we unfortunately are not able to offer everything in our retail catalog at full wholesale discount. We offer a courtesy discount of 20% off of anything on our retail website which is not listed here, however be advised that as we make every effort to maintain constant stock of our wholesale merchandise, retail merchandise fluctuates and could be subject to shortage. Also, items from our retail website can not be used to make wholesale minimum order and may not exceed the amount of the wholesale order. Thank you for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information about any product or services we offer!


Wholesale Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm EST.
Our wholesale division is closed on weekends.