Dream Pillow - Animal Guide
Catnip, sage, mugwort and clover are all herbs for protection and for the calling of animal spirit g..
Dream Pillow - Astral Travel
Mugwort has long been known to promote psychic visions and astral projection. Blended with thyme (to..
Dream Pillow - Call a Lover
Blended with Jasmine, lavender, Roses and other sacred herbs, this dream pillow will bring dreams of..
Dream Pillow - Children's Dream Pillow
The active imagination of a child often disturbs their sleep by bringing nightmares. Our Children's ..
Dream Pillow - Peaceful Dreams Pillow
Hops and mistletoe work together to ensure a restful sleep, while catnip and lavender protect the sl..
Dream Pillow - Prophetic
Our Prophetic Dreams pillow contains lavender and mullein to protect the sleeper from nightmares. It..
Dream Pillow - Protection
If you feel uneasy in darkened rooms, or if your dreams disturb your sleep, place the pillow next to..
Dream Pillow - Remember Your Dreams
For those who have trouble remembering their drams, put this dream pillow beside you on the bed. Bre..
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