Magical Ink - Banishing
Banishing Ink, the color Black. Be gone with all negative energy, whether it be from person, spirit ..
Magical Ink - Butterfly Blood
Butterfly Blood, the color Yellow, is the ink of Mercury. Used for invoking commanding spirits, spri..
Magical Ink - Dove's Blood
Dove's Blood Ink, the color Pink. Use in all spells for passion, love and marriage commitments. Also..
Magical Ink - Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood Ink, the color Red. For use in magic requiring powerful intent. All purpose magical i..
Magical Ink - God
Use to invoke or beseech the aid of the God; His power, or His blessing. 5 ml vial. Use with dip pen..
Magical Ink - Ink of Jupiter
Ink of Jupiter, the color Blue, is used to keep a record of your magical workings, and to write in s..
Magical Ink - Ink of Prophecy
Ink Of Prophecy, the color Purple. Be your own prophet! Write your dreams and wishes down, and watch..
Magical Ink - Money Drawing
Money Drawing Ink, the color Green. Ideal for use in all spells involving jobs, gambling and materia..
Magical Ink -Goddess
Use to invoke or beseech the aid of the Goddess; Her power, or Her blessing. 5 ml vial. Use with dip..
Parchment Paper
Used as a magical writing paper, unbleached and untouched by artificial chemical additives. Ideal to..
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